Think big!

We have the expertise you require to maximize the value in your operations by using simulation, data analytics, and optimization.

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Maximize Value!

In our team we gathered true specialists and professionals in the area of mining engineeirng and optimization.

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Control Costs!

Data anlaytics will show you where the bottle necks are in your operations.

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Practical Solutions

Unlock the value in your deposit!

What We Do

Strategic Mine Planning

Increase NPV! Establish the economic viability of the deposit. Ascertain final probable and proven reserve statement for the deposit.

Simulation Modeling

Optimize loading and haulage systems efficiency. Maximize the mine’s production utilizing the available truck-shovel system.

Data Analytics

Reliability analysis of your equipment. Assess key set of measures allowing an estimation of overall system efficiency.

Open Pit Optimization

Assess options for capital investment and development strategies. Analyze expected return on investment, sensitivities and investment risk

Haulage Simulation

Increase utilization of truck-shovel systems and reduce waiting times in the haulage network.

Fleet Management Systems

Turn your fleet management systems databases into actionable information and knowledge.

Short-Term Planning

Preserve the life-of-mine plan value through short-term scheduling. Control head-grade for major and minor products and also contaminants.

Risk Analysis

Quantitative risk assessment of cash-flow profiles. Assessment of transfer of geological uncertainty into production schedules.

Advanced Data Visualization

Graphical and statistical analysis of your data. Predictive equipment failure models.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Maybe It`s Easier Than You Thought.

  • simulation
  • optimization
  • data-driven
Optimize loading and haulage systems efficiency

We build simulation models of mining systems with a direct linkage to short-term production plan. We have successfully built simulation of large-scale mining operations for our clients in the past validated within 3% percent accuracy with 95% statistical confidence against historical production data.

Use mathematical programming to generate THE SCHEDULE not just A SCHEDULE.

OptiTek Mining Consulting Ltd. provides optimization services with focus on mine planning and design. OptiTek offers value added professional services through optimization of long-term mine planning to truck-shovel operational models.

Transform data into knowledge.

An integrated part of any successful simulation study is data-analysis. We integrate the power of database servers with analytical tools and algorithms to give you an understanding of the your operation. Understand the impact of time through auto-correlation and time-series studies.


Data Analytics

Proactively manage your business with understanding your historical data

About Us

OptiTek Mining Consulting Ltd. provides mining engineering and simulation modeling services and training. We offer value added professional services through design, data analytics, simulation, optimization, and risk analysis of mining and industrial systems.



We offer a seires of mine planning and simualtion short-courses. Attend a public course or ask us to custom deliver it in-house to your team.

Australia, Mine Planning, Optimization, and Design Series - 5 Courses

  • Whittle, Surpac, MineSched, Isight

Americas, Mine Planning, Optimization, and Design Series - 5 Courses

  • Whittle, Surpac, MineSched, Isight

Americas, Surface Mine Production Scheduling - Advanced MineSched

  • MineSched and Isight